Thursday, March 25, 2010

Sexy and Safe!

Welcome to Erotica for Christian Couples!  The purpose of this is to provide a safe haven where adult married Christian couples can find erotic literature to enhance their relationship and marital intimacy.

The posts will consist of tantalizing excerpts of our books which are in the works or currently on the market.  All the sizzling encounters take place between characters who are married to each other.  There will be no pictures of nude couples, as the intention is for our stories to evoke to vivid images of you and your spouse in place of the characters.

The purpose of these stories is to rev up your intimacy, get you in the mood, and to enhance an already enjoyable sex life.  They can help greatly with ED (erectile dysfunction), boredom, and help to overcome the rut that couples can get into when they are tired from work and taking care of children.

Add a little SPICE to your marriage, and read these stories or chapters together  right before bed.

WARNING!  DO NOT read these stories while alone.  They will definitely cause arousal, and you will find yourself in a highly aroused state without your spouse around, which is NOT a good idea.  This can lead to temptation to indulge in pornography or other lewd acts which are sinful and/or harmful to your marriage.

If you feel that you may be tempted to read it without your spouse around, you may want to ask her to lock it up or hide it somewhere (if printed), or password protect the file if it is in digital format.

We have many short stories, novellas, and novels planned, with an anthology of short stories in the works already.  Please stay tuned and sign up to follow us, to be kept in the loop when the free excerpts/chapters are uploaded.

Please be sure to tweet this, forward a link to your friends, leave a comment, and leave feedback on any sneak peeks or excerpts posted!